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GR Consulting launches Black-owned lobbying group

SPRINGFIELD - Illinois is ripe for the development of firms that elevate voices of color to provide true representation for corporate, municipal and community interests. The formation of GR Consulting opens a new avenue in providing government consulting, public affairs consulting, business development and political consul6ng. Led by co-founders former Deputy House Leader Art Turner, Jr., and political consultant and lobbyist Larry Luster, GR Consul6ng is one of Illinois’ few Black-owned and operated lobbying and public affairs groups.

“Our ability to provide a wide array of services and strategic counsel is backed by our diverse experiences with policy, public affairs and the wide reach of our professional relationships,” Luster said. “We look forward to providing our clients with superior services that are focused on winning.”

GR Consulting comes together as a culmination of over 20 years of experience working at all levels of government in Illinois. Turner and Luster are uniquely positioned given their experience working in the General Assembly. Turner was on House Speaker Michael Madigan’s leadership team for six years, and Luster served on former Senate President John Cullerton’s management team.

“I look forward to using my previous experiences to create positive outcomes for our clients,” Turner said. “Our diverse skills, unique standpoint and understanding of how Springfield works gives us an ad-vantage over other consul6ng groups.”

GR Consulting is already building a client roster and has offices in Springfield and Chicago.

“We’re excited to have GR Consulting on our team this fall. Their knowledge of the Illinois political land-scape and policy implica6ons gives us confidence in their strategy and direc6on,” said Greg Bales, campaign manager for Dick Durbin for U.S. Senate.

“GR Consulting came highly recommended and we couldn’t be more pleased with their ability to connect to the community and exceed our expecta6ons,” said Rebecca Shi, executive director of the American Business Immigration Coalition.

“It’s an honor and privilege that CKL gets to present to this industry a brand new firm that has a diverse and broad background to ensure a wide scope of inclusion,” said Mae Whiteside, CEO of CKL Engineers. “With their numerous years of experience, they have assured us that this is a new season that they have grown to. We can foresee growth, and that is why we chose them.”

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