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Founded in July 2020, GR Consulting is a government relations, public affairs, campaign consulting and strategy firm focused on providing businesses, governments and trade associations with forward-thinking advice to help them meet their goals. Our firm is unique in that we combine our knowledge of the legislative process with our deep seeded industry relationships with decision makers at the municipal, state and federal levels of government to help our clients achieve successful outcomes. Our firm is the only Black-owned and operated government and public affairs firm in Illinois. We specialize in helping companies and organizations navigate the legislative and regulatory landscape through strategic counsel on legislative initiatives, regulatory matters and political positioning, we assist clients in understanding and shaping their policy agendas to achieve their strategic business objectives.


GR Consulting understands that clients are looking for dedicated attention and assistance with their specific, and often unique, policy initiatives. We understand the subtleties of the policy and political issues, as well as the nuances of the people and process. We use this knowledge to craft and implement solutions that are individually tailored to meet our clients’ needs.


We have a history of achievement and use our approach to help our clients develop winning strategies. We help our client get through regulatory hurdles and provide streamlined solutions. Our strategy revolves around one factor, we outwork our opponents.


GR Consulting has over 20 years of campaign and political experience. We have experience on working in regions throughout Illinois from Cairo to Waukegan and Quincy to Danville. We have also served in campaign leadership roles on several statewide campaigns.


Our firm combines legal knowledge, strategy and lobbying expertise to help our clients achieve favorable outcomes. Our Co-Founder, Art Turner, brings his legal viewpoint to crafting legislation and strategy. His legal background lessens the need for additional legal and legislative review. Our years of experience gives us the confidence and understanding of complex legislative and administrative processes which gives our clients more options to develop a winning strategy.

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